Somerville Brewing Co. Opens American Fresh Taproom

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Would you like to try some new breweries near Taunton, MA? The Somerville Brewing Company, which is the brewery behind Slumbrew beers, is proud to open the American Fresh Taproom and Brewery Boynton Yards during the first week of November. This outdoor, family friend beer garden pavilion will serve high quality food and Slumbrew beers. It is one of the most … [Read more...]

Support Veterans With a Pancake Breakfast

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Veterans events in Taunton, MA are a great way to support the troops right in your own community. Later this fall, there will be a pancake breakfast to help raise funds for purchasing and placing memorial markers at the grave sites for all of the veterans buried within the City of Taunton. The breakfast includes pancakes, bacon, sausage, coffee, and … [Read more...]

Experience an Authentic German Festival at Marshfield’s Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest in Taunton

Are you looking for opportunities to celebrate Oktoberfest near Taunton, MA? The Marshfield Oktoberfest is not your typical Oktoberfest. This “Munchen-style” event is the most authentic German festival in the area. It features Bavarian cuisine, carnival rides, Oompah bands, polka bands, folk dancing, and of course, German brews. Enjoy bratwurst, … [Read more...]

Brace Yourself for Ghoulie Manor’s Haunted Attractions

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Are you looking for haunted attractions in Taunton, MA? Since the early 19th century, Goulet Manor has been an integral fixture in the local community. Nicknamed “Ghoulie Manor,” the house has been passed down within the family from one generation to the next. The inhabitants have always had a bad reputation with accusations of sinister crimes and … [Read more...]

You Can Make Your Own Autumn Coffee Creamer in Your Apartment

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Coffee creamer is simple and straightforward to make at home with readily available ingredients. A basic coffee creamer is one cup of half and half mixed with a quarter cup of sugar and heated over low heat. Once small bubbles start to form and the sugar has dissolved, remove the mixture from the heat. Use it right away or cover it and store it in the fridge … [Read more...]