Whether You Prefer Biking or Running, Get Fit This Summer!

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It is not hard to get fit in Taunton with an extensive range of options for running, hiking, and biking in the area. But how do you decide which form of exercise offers the best workout? Running has the edge when it comes to fat loss and building bone strength. When completed at the same intensity, running burns more fat than cycling while creating a load on … [Read more...]

Boston Hopes to Host 2024 Olympics

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Boston is one of four United States cities that is in the running for a potential 2024 Olympic Summer Games bid. The last time that the summer Olympics were held in the United States was 1996 in Atlanta. Residents of the top four cities in the running – Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. - are already excited about the possibility of … [Read more...]

Summer up Your Dish with Mint

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Mint is the perfect herb to add to entrees, side dishes, and drinks to give them a summery touch. It brightens up a wide range of recipes from pesto to rice salads to chicken stir fries. Mint makes a great addition to both sweet and savory dishes. For your next dinner party, think about making a mint simple syrup for lemonade or mojitos. Combine two … [Read more...]

DIY Fixes for Your Apartment

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One reason that people rent is because they don't want to deal with the hassle of repairs and maintenance. While it is a convenient to call your landlord when something goes wrong, sometimes it is convenient to take matters into your own hands. Follow these simple tips to take care of a few common issues yourself. Do you have slow drains in the … [Read more...]

Have You Always Wanted to Attend a Film Festival? Here’s Your Chance!

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You don't have to attend Sundance or Toronto to see a film festival, because there are some happening close to your Highland Hills apartment. These movie events around Boston will allow you to view films before they hit the theater. Here are two film festivals you should check out: The Wood Hills Film Festival at 87 Water Street will be held from … [Read more...]