Boston Man Takes on a $35 a Week Budget Challenge

living in metro Boston

Local Boston resident Erik August Johnson wrote the following Tweet in early July: “I can eat well on $35 a week. That seems like a modern marvel we take for granted.” This message and a follow up message urging him to keep a blog on the process inspired him to take on the challenge and document his progress. As of early August 2014, he is four weeks … [Read more...]

Fun Free Ways to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer

things to do in Taunton

Take advantage of the final warm days of August with family and friends engaging in one or more of the following free activities. Have a picnic. A picnic is the perfect excuse to check out a new park or revisit a favorite beach on a beautiful day. Pick up some take out or put together homemade sandwiches and salads. Don't forget the drinks and … [Read more...]

Summer Drinks to Wow Your Guests at Highland Hills

things to do in Taunton

This summer impress your dinner guests with delicious summer drinks when you host parties at your Taunton apartment. From simple classic cocktails to complex mixed drinks, there is something to suit every budget and taste preference. A cucumber-pineapple-tequila cooler will refresh and relax your group of friends in no time. The cucumbers and … [Read more...]

Create a Colorful and Quiet Apartment With Padded Frames

apartment living

In any home, noise echoing can be an issue. Most people start by laying down some extra rugs to kill the sound, but that's not the only way to keep your home quiet. Padded frames are a simple, affordable, attractive, and rent-friendly option to quiet your unit. Pick out a fabric and cut it to fit a three foot by four foot foam core board, leaving an … [Read more...]

Whether You Prefer Biking or Running, Get Fit This Summer!

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It is not hard to get fit in Taunton with an extensive range of options for running, hiking, and biking in the area. But how do you decide which form of exercise offers the best workout? Running has the edge when it comes to fat loss and building bone strength. When completed at the same intensity, running burns more fat than cycling while creating a load on … [Read more...]